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Social Inclusiveness

It is the evidence-based use of multi-art forms that includes music, drama, dance, play, fine arts, imagination and story-telling to accomplish individualised goals within a therapeutic relationship.


HT Parekh Foundation, an HDFC Initiative has generously supported part of the Direct Care operations at Snehadhara Foundation through a Grant

The Direct Care space of Snehadhara is our social lab, which aspires to be a model for special populations that addresses life goals, academic interventions, and where possible learning experiences to meet vocational goals, livelihood and long term care giving. Here through various programs we work with children across disabilities and across age groups using the Arts.

Uhuru means freedom in Swahili. It is our Arts Based Therapy program for children with special needs.


Snehadhara’s flagship project, the Oota-Thota Program brings the classroom into the kitchen. Using the kitchen as a facilitated space, the program looks at building awareness, social skills and a prospective livelihood option for children with special needs.


The concept of inclusion lies at the heart of what we are doing in Snehadhara Foundation this year. In the Pipilika program our children are engaged in activities and interactions that resonate with this concept.


 “Inclusion is about the intentional building of relationships and creating conversations.” As a concept, Snehasangti looks at co-locating with a mainstream school in the neighborhood to see how children can engage with each other and build an organic platform of learning and social interaction..