advisory board

How far we travel in life matters far less than those we meet along the way.



Dr. Sandhya Umesh Prabhu

Sandhya completed her MBBS in 1998 followed by a post graduation in anaesthesiology in 2001. She is presently working in the capacity of an ICU specialist and anesthesiologist in Bangalore.

A doctor by profession and a creative person by hobby, Sandhya is passionate about language and literature. She loves writing poems, stories, and scripts. She has a flair for music and visual art forms.

Sandhya is a very people person with a lot of wit and humour. She enjoy interacting with people from different walks of life, understand their likes, dislikes, joys and sorrows. She aspires to be a writer and a counsellor. She considers herself to be blessed as she is in a profession which touches human lives. She derives joy and wishes to commit herself to social activities which allow people/children to accept themselves as they are, recognize their unique potentials and allow them to stand by themselves independently.

Rajeev Menon

Rajeev Menon is a mentor and advisor to Snehadhara and has been associated with visioning for the organisation. He looks at strategic planning and implementation of the outreach initiatives of Snehadhara in building inclusion into mainstream schools. An accomplished Sales leader & a customer focused Product Innovation specialist with over 16 years of wide exposure in sales across Enterprise &HR, Education, Industrial and FMCG segments, he has a strong expertise in talent evaluations.

He has had successful and long sales stints with Wipro Infrastructure, Coats Plc and MeritTrac Services and has acquired and exhibited expertise in Product Creation and Operations. A thought leader in Talent Assessment he has delivered talks in this area and contributed articles to newspapers and trade journals. Rajeev is adept at identifying new business opportunities and forging strategic tie-ups. He is successful at creating and managing international partnerships.

“With over 10 years of experience in the Human Capital Measurement space, I believe my expertise and advisory services can be useful for assessment companies as well as organizations looking to optimize and innovate their candidate and employee evaluation processes.” says Rajeev.

At Snehadhara his current focus is on providing direction and opportunities for scaling our initiatives through digital learning platforms, building partnerships with organisations to create an ecosystem of like-minded people who wish to re-imagine classrooms and learning outcomes for all.


Vinayaga Raman

Vinayaga Raman is a techie at heart and has worked in the Software Industry for over two decades. He completed his MSc in Computer Science from ICSEI Indore and his hobbies include Gadgets, Movies and Music. He sees himself getting into the teaching field at some point in his life.

Vinayaga sees Social Responsibilities as a way of giving back a little of what has been provided to us by life in abundance. A lot of good work is being done in the social space, but lack of technology awareness means that most of this work happens in deep silos with little or no sharing. He wants to use technology as a bridge so that the social sector can focus on doing what they do best and not worry about the digitization and sharing of information.



Ramesh Agrawal

Ramesh is a techie who spent 18 years of his life writing and designing software that most folks don’t even know exists.  He has a B. Tech in Computer Science from BIT, Mesra, Ranchi and an MBA from IIM Bangalore.
A firm believer in the power of the community, he spends a lot of time harnessing the power of technology to bring communities together.
He can never work on just one thing. After quitting his corporate job in 2014, he now manages operations for Q&FSC, is dabbling with entrepreneurship, runs a co-working space WorkAdda and also spends time growing BB76 (Better Bangalore 76), a neighborhood improvement community around Bannerghatta Road. He also spends time coaching and mentoring young entrepreneurs.
Ramesh is helping Snehadhara expand it’s network and build sources of funding along with helping us with ideation, strategy definition and most significantly helping us think BIG.


Lakshmi Govindrajan Javeri

With over a decade’s experience as a cultural journalist with an English daily, Lakshmi Govindrajan Javeri’s life has been the typical fast-paced, competitive and busy one, leaving hardly any room for much else. Through her daughter Anika’s birth, she has been able to look at life in a more balanced way, making time for more small joys and focusing on happiness on the whole than just career advancements.

As a journalist, she has chronicled the works of people who have made a difference in the lives of others in unique and courageous ways. Her idea of unwinding is through music in any form – live or otherwise. If given a chance, she would love to use music to work with the elderly because nothing gives more solace than time spent over music.

Mohan Sundaram

Graduated from IIM Ahmedabad, Mohan is an Advisor at Disability NGOs Alliance (DNA), a business leader, social entrepreneur who has worked and excelled across a wide range of industries in top management/ business leadership roles with strategy and technology being the
anchors for over 25 years out of the 33 years. Have been starting up technology based businesses for over 25 years in various industries
and have spanned all functions in organisations with hands on responsibilities. He has worked for Indian and Multi-National Corporations with global responsibilities.

He has been associated with the NGO sector in disability since 2013 and deeply involved in building out  Disability NGOs Alliance (DNA) –
a federation of disability focused NGOs and innovations for disability alleviation. Apart from being an Advisor at DNA, he is a Trustee and
Board member at APD- The Association of People with Disability, mentor at NSRCEL Incubation Centre, IIM Bangalore, Executive’ Organisation Consultant and Owner at Wisian Consulting.



Soumya Jayaram

Soumya Jayaram is passionate about two things – environment & photography. She spent her formative years in Coorg & Chikamagalur, both places known for their extensive greenery and wild life. She also enjoys cooking, stitching and interior decoration. Soumya has a keen eye for art.

Soumya has always been academically inclined. She obtained her B.Com degree from University of Mysore in 1997. She subsequently qualified as a Chartered Accountant. Soumya started her career in Mumbai with ICICI Bank . After six years of being in Mumbai she moved to Bangalore.

Soumya is married to Sameet Jeppu and has two children Savitri and Pramith

Ramnath Bhat

Ram is the co-founder of Maraa-arts and media collective, Bangalore, an organisation that works in areas of media for freedom of expression and learning and spaces for diverse publics. They facilitate setting up and training of community radio stations across India and art in the contexts of urban spaces.

Ram has a background in IT and Media Studies. Learnt community media in VOICES, Bangalore based advocacy group. Currently working on research and policy advocacy on white space, digitization, mobile telephony, spectrum allocation, community radio and internet access/infrastructure. He is interested in media law and public policy making.