Snehadhara Foundation

Snehadhara Foundation (SF) is a registered non-profit organization based in Bangalore. With a vision to foster a culture of respect and belonging Snehadhara aims to create inclusionary spaces that welcome, acknowledge, affirm, and celebrate the value of all learners. It is the only organisation in the country that works using Arts Based Therapy as a primary methodology in working with children and adults with disabilities.


We have crafted three initiatives in pursuit of this goal: Direct CareimpART and Prajnadhara.



Prajnadhara, a division of Snehadhara Foundation is offering the Arts Based Therapy Certificate Course in Bangalore and aims to collaborate with other NGOs, learning centres, schools and institutions to implement ABT. The twin goals of Prajñādhara are Arts Based Therapy Certification and Study of the Mind.

Direct Care

The Direct Care space at Snehadhara is our realm of caring and practice. Respecting every child’s unique needs, our programs are carefully designed to enhance their abilities and meet their therapeutic goals. The use of Arts Based Therapy forms the foundation to healing and learning in this program. Our aim is to address the social and independence goals of the children to meet their aspirations for life, vocation and livelihood.

Our Direct Care Centre works with children and adults with developmental disabilities that include Down syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Speech Delay/Impairment, Learning disorders and mental illnesses along with their caregivers and families.


impART, a division of Snehadhara Foundation is a platform that looks at interventions, methodologies and practices using the Arts  in schools, colleges, corporates and the community to create an inclusive society.

News And Events

Cafe Obattoo – August 2019

The monsoon saga continues at Cafe Obattoo. On offer in August are Grilled Sandwiches, Gulab Jamuns and Onion Pakodas. Place your orders at the earliest and enjoy the weather!

Houseful – of Joy and Artistic Adventures

‘Houseful’ creates artistic experiences that allow us to be touched by another’s creativity, while personally engaging in the process of co-creating with a performer. We’re delighted to welcome Debapriya Das, a belly dancer, to perform at Houseful in July 2019....

Cafe Obattoo – July 2019

Crisp and crunchy will be Cafe Obattoo's theme in July. The unbeatable combination of sandwiches, bhel and masala vadas may leave you wishing every month was July at Cafe Obattoo! Come and feast with us on a range of flavours and textures!

Houseful – of joy and artistic adventures

‘Houseful’ creates artistic experiences that allow us to be touched by another’s creativity, while personally engaging in the process of co-creating with a performer. We are super excited to begin this year's artistic adventures with Vasu Dixit! Vasu's open-throated...

June Flavours

Café Obattoo is back with some solidly delicious fare for the new term. From Akki rottis to bondas, you won’t feel the lack of energy in our snacks on offer at the Café this month! Eat well – we have a long way to go together!

People and Places- Summer School 2019

Every year in the month of April, we delightfully welcome our new session with the Summer School at Snehadhara.  It is a time reminiscent of the ‘lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer’ filled with tremendous gaiety, colour, fun and joy. Summer School 2019- ‘People and...

Houseful – of joy and artistic adventures

‘Houseful’ this year has allowed us to grasp the nuances of performances by artists and to revel in the sharing of their craft, thus revisiting the artist in ourselves. In March, we conclude this year’s Houseful event with another expression of creativity. Our artist...

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Recent Blogs

Crossing the threshold into a new experience

X is daunted by doorways. She stops dead in her tracks and cries loudly, sometimes bites her hands and refuses to enter or exit – depending on which side the doorway looms. As soon as she has crossed the threshold, she often smiles like the sun and shakes her head...

Shared Journeys with the Valley School interns

We had the pleasure of welcoming four interns from The Valley School to our Centre for the first two weeks of our summer school ‘Oh the places you’ll go!’ It seemed the theme of the summer school was so well-matched to the spirit brought in by the interns, for not...

The Pipilika Path (2018-2019)

Pipilika is Sanskrit for “ant”. When ants are at work, if there is an obstacle, they find their way around it but carry on with the work. Ants work with purpose, clarity, conviction and in well-coordinated teams. Our Pipilika team at Snehadhara seems to work exactly...

Bricolage 2019 with the children

The whole centre has been on a craft and colour high these last three days. There has been a flurry of activity – facilitators running up and down the stairway while carefully setting up different rooms for different adventures; children splashing their hands and feet...

ABT as a complementary health practice

In the war between doing and being, much life is trampled. While we’re all tuned to trill out loud about our joys or sing soulfully of our sorrows, we train our voices to be silent or scream incoherently (when we can’t be silent anymore) because we can’t remember to...

Celebrations of Inclusion and Connection

A festival is an excuse to celebrate, sing together and love more loudly. Every festival has its unique flavour and Christmas brings with it a season of cheer, sharing, giving and loving unconditionally. For us at Snehadhara Foundation, the celebrations of the season...

Snehadhara’s Sixth Birthday – A Celebration of Expression

Snehadhara’s sixth Birthday celebrated on December 5th at the Direct Care Centre in JP Nagar, was a grand event that brought many smiles and much cheering from facilitators, children, staff and parents. From months before, plants were grown, pots painted, menu plans...

TEDx 2014 ‘heART of the MATTER’- A Therapy of Love and Compassion

We want to eliminate economic status as a variable in receiving the care that children and adults with special needs deserve. So our program relies on voluntary contributions to bridge the gap.

We are enthused to seek Personal, institutional & corporate funding support to ensure that we have a sustainable financial model.

The Snehadhara Family