Snehadhara Foundation

Snehadhara Foundation (SF) is a registered non-profit organization based in Bangalore. With a vision to foster a culture of respect and belonging Snehadhara aims to create inclusionary spaces that welcome, acknowledge, affirm, and celebrate the value of all learners. It is the only organisation in the country that works using Arts Based Therapy as a primary methodology in working with children and adults with disabilities.


We have crafted three initiatives in pursuit of this goal: Direct CareimpART and Prajnadhara.



Prajnadhara, a division of Snehadhara Foundation is offering the Arts Based Therapy Certificate Course in Bangalore and aims to collaborate with other NGOs, learning centres, schools and institutions to implement ABT. The twin goals of Prajñādhara are Arts Based Therapy Certification and Study of the Mind.

Direct Care

The Direct Care space of Snehadhara welcomes special populations with the intent of education for life. We see every child as a unique composite of potentials, abilities, and learning needs for whom a program must be designed to meet his or her particular needs. The interventions whether academic, life skills, livelihood related or vocational seek to provide the same prospects as other children for a meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling life.

Our Direct Care Centre works with children and adults with developmental disabilities that include Down syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Speech Delay/Impairment, Learning disorders and mental illnesses along with their caregivers and families.


impART, a division of Snehadhara Foundation is a platform that looks at interventions, methodologies and practices using the Arts  in schools, colleges, corporates and the community to create an inclusive society.

News And Events

November Flavours

Cafe Obattoo increases its flavours in November. It continues to be inspired by the festive season retaining the traditional yet infusing the innovative zeal of the Cafe Team. We keep the focus on honing our skills with novel ways to present sandwiches, chaats and...

Kala Samvaad-Dialogue Circles

“If you have to choose between being liked and being heard, be heard” – Tara Jaye Frank Caregiving brings cares that only those who care actively can know from the inside. Tears, sometimes, cannot fall. Screams have to be swallowed whole. Words collect inside – thick,...

Houseful – of joy and artistic adventures

Watching a performance together could be as thrilling as singing in harmony or acting in a multi-cast play. In the first term, we saw a glimpse of the lightness and joy that flowed from The House Concert musical evening at the Untitled Arts. That huddle of attention...

October Flavours

Our experiments with food at Cafe Obattoo are unabated. October brings with it innovation and creativity along with a sense of fun. Of course our focus on health and nutrition is unwavering and so we have been presenting foods that focus on specific food groups. We...

House Concert 13 with Khalid Ahamed and Varun Rao

As the first term comes to an end, we look back with joy at the manifold interactions with all our parents. Whether it was the Home Visits, the Kala Samvaad sessions and the Open Forum over the last few months or the upcoming parent observations and report meetings,...

Obattoo Cafe: September Flavours

Our culinary journey now takes us into the traditional delicacies of Sundal. Sundal is a traditional South Indian dish (originally from Tamil Nadu) prepared for naivedyam (prasad) after pooja during religious festivals like Navratri and Janmashtami. At Cafe Obattoo,...

Obattoo Cafe: August Flavours

August brings with it something craveable—sweet, sour, tangy, spicy, and crunchy the inimitable street food- Chaat. Join us in our culinary adventure of Street Food Galore on Tuesdays.

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Recent Blogs

Of Collaboration and Inclusion

Snehadhara Foundation and Snehagram (a Vocational Training and Rehabilitation Centre for Children Living with HIV) share more than the first half of their names. Working with vulnerable children and enabling them to take a lead in transforming their own lives – is the...

When differences disappeared

Charumathi Supraja and Bunty Shrestha of the Snehadhara team write about the House Concert held at Untitled Space in JP Nagar on 22nd September. It was just another beautiful House Concert. And yet, it was not just another beautiful House Concert. The simplest joys...



In summer, the song sings itself.

  In summer, the song sings itself. William Carlos Williams   Every year in April, at Snehadhara, we shake up our bag of summer goodies and what emerges is a month full of exciting experiences and tremendous fun. We create new memories of what...

A Cave Within

‘A Cave Within’, Snehadhara’s two-day workshop that offered a space of insights to look within as one explores a relationship with the world around. “The way out is the way within............. Be filled with wonder Be touched by peace” The Cave Within was an...

The Right Approach: The Rational behind Affirmative action and policies

The third in the series finds the meaning of affirmative action and how it has developed through legislation and policies, what is the need for the policy and the discovers the beneficiaries of the policy. What is Affirmative Action? The affirmative action mechanism...

The Right Approach: The problem of equality- Caste and Education

This blog is focused on the relationship of caste and education in India, by a series of blogs, we intend to explore the inequalities rampant in the society along the vertical and horizontal plane and the impact it had or has on the education and system of education...

TEDx 2014 ‘heART of the MATTER’- A Therapy of Love and Compassion

We want to eliminate economic status as a variable in receiving the care that children and adults with special needs deserve. So our program relies on voluntary contributions to bridge the gap.

We are enthused to seek Personal, institutional & corporate funding support to ensure that we have a sustainable financial model.

The Snehadhara Family