Collaborative Harmony:

The Unique Partnership

In this collaborative endeavor, Snehadhara unites with Gladpeople Music Management Company and, forging a distinctive partnership. Together, they embark on a mission to provide enriching experiences for beneficiaries from vulnerable groups, creating opportunities for immersive community building through arts practices. This unique initiative goes beyond, involving the facilitation, creation, and understanding of djembes, complemented by tailor-made workshops and learning experiences curated for percussion enthusiasts and djembefolas in India.

This collaboration seamlessly aligns with Snehadhara’s broader mission to establish inclusive arts practices, fostering spaces where each individual feels a sense of belonging and plays a vital role in community building. Gladpeople Music Management Company shares a parallel vision, driven by their dedication to music and community engagement. Their commitment centers around bringing people together through the universal language of rhythm.

Synergistic Visions for a Compassionate World

The collaboration between Snehadhara Foundation and Gladpeople forms a harmonious synergy, envisioning a world where the transformative potential of rhythmic expression is accessible to all, fostering unity, understanding, and a shared artistic experience.

The partnership of the Collective Rhythm Experiences program is rooted in shared values that emphasize the unifying power of the arts, aiming to contribute to a compassionate world by uniting diverse voices, collaborating, and intending to make a positive artistic impact in society. 

Collective Rhythm Experiences refer to structured and inclusive activities that involve a group of individuals actively participating in rhythmic expressions, often facilitated by an expert in rhythm or a collective rhythm facilitator. These experiences are designed to create a shared and harmonious atmosphere where participants, regardless of age or background, engage with various rhythmical elements, percussion instruments, and body movements.

The Intent

  • Uncover the therapeutic relevance of these experiences, providing participants with unique avenues for emotional expression and self-discovery.
  • Explore how inclusive arts, enriched by the pulse of rhythmic engagement, transform into sanctuaries for community building and social connection. 
  • Learn about the erasure of traditional boundaries between audience and performer, where each participant becomes a drummer within the inclusive arts oasis.

The Three-Fold Rhythmic Journey

It is a comprehensive three-fold program where both entities collaborate to offer enriching experiences for beneficiaries from vulnerable groups. This initiative creates opportunities for immersing individuals in the world of djembe playing. The unique program involves facilitating, creating, and comprehending djembes, accompanied by customized workshops and learning experiences designed for percussion enthusiasts and djembefolas in India.

This program contributes to holistic development, not just providing rhythmic experiences but also professional training for practitioners, educators, and caregivers. Understand the commitment to maximizing the transformative power of rhythm within inclusive arts practices.

Staying in Tune: Upcoming Events and Collaborative Connections

Exciting Events on the Horizon:

Stay tuned for a calendar filled with vibrant events brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Snehadhara, Gladpeople Music Management Company, and Explore the diverse range of activities designed to engage and enrich participants, from rhythm workshops to inclusive arts festivals.

Connecting Through Rhythm:

Discover how these upcoming events serve as a platform to connect with the community through the universal language of rhythm. Learn about the inclusive spaces created for individuals to actively participate, fostering collaboration, and building connections.

How to Stay Updated

Find out how to stay in the loop and be the first to know about these exciting events. Whether you’re a percussion enthusiast, an arts lover, or someone passionate about community building, there’s a place for you in the rhythmic journey. Stay tuned for updates, announcements, and the chance to be part of a collective experience that transcends boundaries.

About Aditya Ashok Prabhu

Aditya Ashok Prabhu stands as a devoted student of West African music and culture, honing his craft under the esteemed guidance of Master Barbara Bangoura Fakouly. His commitment to the art led him to found “Mama Goa Drum Circle,” an initiative that has become synonymous with rhythmic exploration and community bonding and Gladpeople Music Management Company.

Gladpeople Music Management Company is a trailblazing initiative that specializes in organizing music festivals, curating corporate music events, and led the way in the launch of Bollywood music releases in the past. Moreover, the company engages in collaborations with Indian classical musicians to curate impactful performances. Beyond this, Gladpeople also designs educational and learning tours featuring international artists, introducing West African rhythm experiences to India.

With a decade of experience in corporate settings, specializing in brand building and experiential marketing, Aditya’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish This unique platform serves as a one-stop destination for sourcing and procuring djembes, complemented by learning workshops on mounting and tightening djembes, often in collaboration with partners in Guinea.

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Over the past nearly two decades, he has served as a faculty member and guest lecturer in several educational institutions, instructing undergraduate students in the field of event management. His teaching engagements have extended to renowned institutions such as Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication in Pune, Don Bosco College in Mumbai, EMDI in Pune, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management in Pune, Flame University in Pune, and Manipal Institute of Communication in Udupi. Currently, he holds a full-time position as a Music teacher at Holistic Primary School, contributing to his extensive career in education since 2007.

Aditya’s influence in the music world extends beyond commerce. He is the proud promoter and curator of Drum Fest, India’s first and only festival of rhythm. Pioneering the event from 2011 to 2015, Aditya showcased over a hundred artists worldwide across four seasons, leaving an indelible mark on the Indian music scene.

Since 2021, Aditya has taken on the role of a music teacher at the Holistic Yellow Primary School in Goa. His profound knowledge of Indian classical music, combined with a genuine love for children, has created a harmonious learning environment.

Aditya’s commitment to facilitating drum circles is awe-inspiring, having led over 1000 sessions nationally and internationally in the past two years. From corporate settings to wellness programs, education initiatives, and mental health engagements, he leverages the therapeutic effects of drumming to advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Aditya’s journey as a “student for life” is evident in his recent return from Guinea, where he participated in the 6th edition of the North-South Cultural Exchange. His continuous learning from his Master reflects his dedication to the art form and ensures that his contributions to the world of rhythm remain innovative and authentic.

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