Science of the Arts

There is power in story whether it be a book, a movie or a play; there is power in re-experiencing story; there is power in music to elicit common emotions and there is power in integrating the various arts because they can strengthen the impact of the message and the experience. It also reminds me that those who do not learn “typically” provide us educators with a unique opportunity to find ways to better teach all learners and that the arts can help.”

– Deirdre Moore

There is a lot of research on how the brain processes, responds to and creates art. It lends itself to a firm belief that there is a science to the arts. We recognize that art allows one to reframe experiences, reorganize thoughts, and gain personal insights that often enhance one’s quality of life as well as the prowess of the brain. It also creates a lot of questions when we come to the therapeutic realm of this understanding.

“The brain relies on sense organs for its development. A richer sensory environment leads to greater brain development. Hence, sensory aesthetics are at the forefront as a therapeutic modality for achieving enhanced human functioning” – Dale B. Taylor, PhD.MT-BC, Biomedical Foundation of Music as Therapy, 1997.

Our work at Snehadhara has been inspired by this research as well as in the work we see ABT practitioners as well as educators do. In this work Art therapy combines artistic expression with the potential for significant therapeutic intervention. Using the arts gives us a tremendous alternative unique option for engaging brain networks that enhance the way the brain processes information, incorporates external and internal data, and develops new efficient brain connections. At Snehadhara it allows us to keep the questions alive through the work we do and it also strengthens our belief in the Arts as the way forward.

Through this page we wish to share what is happening in the world around us through research papers, videos and interesting articles in the field of Arts Therapy.


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