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Children and young adults are looking for a space to just be and discover themselves. “Special needs” is not just a politically correct phrase; it is the recognition that “normal” is relative and needs are special in seemingly “normal people” too. So how do we come into the picture?

We began our journey by integrating creative processes of learning inside the classrooms in our work with small groups of children, with special children in inclusive environments,and moved on to setting up a centre for Arts Based Therapy using multi-arts media. With our experiences of the last few years and in the course of this journey new learning’s evolved.

  • Therapy and learning got redefined for us.
  • Nature plays a role in healing
  • The duration that the child/adult are exposed to such environments should be longer and consistent
  • Peer interaction and buddy system is highly effective

Snehdahara Foundation is the only ABT centre in the country. Being pioneers in the work that we do, we dedicated the last three years of working towards conducting research projects and testing this methodology. Our findings through our research have shown how simple non-intrusive direct interventions with our children have shown visible shifts in the areas of speech, expression, cognition and social skills.

We have also, in the past year piloted this methodology, through our ‘Art in Education’ program, with children in other schools and learning centres. Feedback and results we have seen in terms of subtle and apparent shifts in children have shown us that this methodology is now ready to go out to larger groups of children. Most vitally, expanding our universe, will bring in the opportunity for our children at the centre to be in and experience different learning environments. This in turn will build towards their social independence.

Our ongoing research in ‘Buddy Model Learning in Children with Special Needs’ and ‘Overnighters for Social Independence’ is paving the way to our vision of creating a self-sustainable community model for independent survival of children and adults with special needs

One of our larger goals is to eliminate the economic status as a variable in receiving the care that children and adults with needs deserve. Many a times this means a gap between what the parents can afford and what it costs to keep the child in a learning environment. Our program relies on voluntary contributions to bridge the gap. We are buoyed by the results and outcomes that we have achieved in the past. We are enthused to seek institutional / corporate funding support to ensure that we have a sustainable financial model to not only sustain current scale of operations but have the resources to commit to building scale capacities and expand our reach and influence through direct and indirect interventions.

We are committed and will continue to look for all avenues of financial resources such as one-time donations and recurring donations from parents. We also will follow the philosophy of self-funding new initiatives and incubating new ideas such as Oota-thota, Pipilika & Vinati. We believe that it is important to create a demonstrable delivery model through proof of concept before we seek formal institutional support for scaling up. Partnering with like-minded organizations that can financially support will help us reach out to a community that has largely remained invisible and unheard.

Over the course of the next few years, we are hopeful that this partnership will facilitate the creation of required specialized spaces with assistive devices and sensory/audio visual aids. The future would involve research and refining our methodologies that will allow replication of this model in other cities and states.

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