Vinati’ is our research unit where we analyze data by a triangulation of assessment & evaluation gathered from qualitative & quantitative analysis of observation formats, standardized tests and ABT tools.

“Learning is always rebellion….Every bit of new truth discovered is revolutionary to what was believed before.”

– Margaret Lee Runbeck

‘Vinati’, which means to seek/request, is the research unit at the foundation. Through this we examine and question our current practices, understand and build new methodologies in art based therapy, improvise content and set best practices.

At the center, teachers and facilitators constantly document and collect data during their sessions with the children. These notes become the basis for our research work. The findings from these sessions are further analyzed by triangulation of assessment and evaluation gathered from qualitative and quantitative analysis of observation formats, standardized tests and ABT tools.

Research done so far

The following is the research work done by our team of ABT practitioners with the present set of children

Rajeshwari GVistara - Expansion of Arts for non verbal children in Autistic spectrum2019

Parvathi GA Window of Hope2019

Krutika MadhokMeraki - The Impressions we leave2019

Arun Kumar HuchappaCommunicating Compassionately Through Arts2018

Rohini ChidambaranMy Journey with Blessed Souls through the Path of Creative Arts2018

Vani JoshiMore than Words2018

Bunty ShresthaA Journey guided by the enormous power of the Arts – social interaction, impulse control, and language articulation of the adolescents on ASD and with multiple special needs2017

Manasa DJTiny Steps ( Through the Ups and Downs) -A study using Arts Based Therapy as a tool for working with children with special needs2015

Achuta NadapanaExploring Arts Based Therapy for non verbal children in the Autism Spectrum2014

Sasha BraganzaCreating a buddy model using Arts Based Therapy as a tool in working with children with ASD2014

Anagha K.AMotivation and Relaxation using ABT to enhance Language Acquisition and Articulation in Adolescents with Autism2013

Pallavi ChanderExploring the potential of social awareness with a special needs group through internal peer interactions and buddy system2012

Salomi JacobStudying using ABT intervention in the development of Oral motor, gross motor and limbic coordination in children with developmental delays2012

Gitanjali SaranganHolistic Learning and Inclusion for children with developmental delays in motor, language and cognition2011

Ongoing research work

The following are some of the ongoing research work at the center:

  • Oota Thota is a kitchen garden and cooking project explores the influence of providing integrated learning spaces for children with special needs.
  • Pipilika is a project that involves the parents and caregivers of children with special needs. It looks at how unlearning in adults can help in therapeutic processes for both the child with special needs and the parent. It also explores the effects of sharing creative learning spaces between parents and children with special needs.
  • Exploring the Buddy System across age groups and in a cross disabled group to understand how it can lead to peer learning and socio-cognitive growth
  • Effects of exposing a multi-disability group to only Arts Based Therapy
  • Trends and challenges in working with a cross disabled group across age groups. …
  • Understanding the approach to sexuality with adolescent boys and girls, of both regular and special population