Nelamangala Campus

Space for the Soul

The lush environs of mango and chikoo trees have made our Nelamangala campus an idyllic location for collaborative or therapeutic activities. Designed to harness the best of nature, the campus is an oasis of calm and creativity as its eco-friendly architecture perfectly complements the soothing vibrations of peace and harmony. Our Direct Care children have been the main focus of our ideation and vision for the campus; to create a space that is as conducive for community building as it is for recreation and rehabilitation.

Our campus, home to the Semi-Residential Direct Care Programme of Snehadhara Foundation , is 10,800 sq ft of  pure tranquility amidst lush greenery that surrounds it. Situated within the Aadya Resort (Nelamangala) this space offers the serenity of a retreat away from the commotion of a city while still remaining accessible and equipped with the amenities of a modern life.

The aesthetics and ambience of the area serve as an ideal backdrop for soulful reflection, invigorating conversations, as well as an overall conducive environment for growth and learning. The rustic and antique charm draws one in the moment they set their sight on the centre and keeps them hooked; yearning for an engagement with the space in some way or form.

As sustainability runs in our veins, we have strived to lower our carbon footprint through the use of alternate energy resources. The installation of solar panels, rainwater harvesting, compost bins, and a water recycling unit have taken us many steps closer to achieving our goal of getting off the grid and has ensured that we embody the values to which we adhere, in the way we lead our lives.

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The gazebo is an excellent fit for gatherings of 50-75 people that provides an inviting, open space for discourse, seminars and conferences, workshops, artistic performances and the like!

This, coupled with the adjacent activity rooms make for ample room to carry out activities for multiple groups of people.


The centre comprises 6 spacious bedrooms accommodating a total of 24 individuals, with each room consisting of an ensuite toilet and shower, 4 cots, and shelves with adequate storage space for overnight luggage.

Fitted into each bathroom is also a geyser, providing 24hr access to hot water.


There is a fully functional kitchen and dining area onsite that can comfortably seat 20-25 individuals. In our efforts to remain rooted to our culture and traditional dining practices, we have kept our tables low, which requires the individuals to be seated on the floor while eating.

There are also benches in place for those who are unable to do so.


The centrally located shrine and pond has been created as an homage and ode to the statue of Tara Maa that sits elegantly atop the pond. In Hindu mythology, Tara Maa is believed to be one of the Mahavidyas, or ‘Great Wisdom Goddesses’ entasked with the protection of the world from evil forces. Similarly, in Buddhism, she is referred to as ‘Mother of liberation’, signifying virtues success in work and achievements. To that end, Tara Maa watches over all those who enter the space and plays witness to our successes.


Corporate offsite training

Workshops, conferences, seminars

Artists and creative professionals who want to showcase their work / use the space to work

Music and Dance performances

Professional Photo/ Video shoots

Yoga and Meditation retreats

Drum circles and theatre presenations

Personalized events


Our Work

Thank you so much for your warm hospitality. We had a very powerful Retreat experience this time. Your support made the experience very smooth for us. Our stay was very comfortable. The food was fantastic and the available resources were perfect. Thank you once again for all that you did for us. Each one of us left feeling very grateful and connected. Thank you once again. You helped us create a perfect experience. 

Rajesh PI, The Actors Collective

We had a fantastic 3 day workshop. The serene environment was beautifully suited for the healing work that we did. The food was homely. The drum circle experience was just amazing. I am deeply grateful that you travelled for just that. It is a memory that we will all carry with us. 

We asked for payasam on the last day to celebrate and the kitchen obliged. I also asked for flip charts, crayons, and speakers. Satish was most helpful.
Geetu, you made this happen. The group marvelled at your generosity.  
Thanks once again and look forward to coming back!

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Aruna Gopakumar, Navgati

It was an incredible experience in the lovely Snehadhara where time slowed down and we savoured the experience. There was much laughter and joy. Allowing ourselves to show our vulnerable selves in an environment of great safety, support, empathy & love.

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Actors Collective Playback Theatre Group

We hosted Navgati’s 2022-23 Batch of participants for the last session of the ‘Re-imagine Learning: Foundation Course in Transactional Analysis’. 

Any amount of Thanks is less to express our heartfelt gratitude to dear Gitanjali and her passionate team for organising an overnight training program for Bubbles centre for Autism staff members. The training program titled ” Take your power back with self care” was unique, innovative and thought provoking for our staff. They enjoyed their stay which was packed with play, theatre, drum circle, community dancing, Even though the training was very engaging and fun filled, it challenged the team to look deeper within, reflect and find a right balance with self and work. 


Post Pandemic, our team  members were caught up with handling transition issues and hardly had any time to sit together as a team to bond with each other. The SF team had meticulous planning to ensure nothing was amiss. Right from the time we entered till the time we left their campus, we felt pampered. The housekeeping team needs a special mention. They had prepared a sumptuous meal for us. Their hospitality and warmth will remain with us. The core team is so dedicated and passionate about Art based practices that it filled our heart to see them work with so much rigor, empathy and compassion.


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Sarbani Mallik, Bubbles Centre for Autism