guest faculty

“There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.”

Mandy Hale 

guest faculty

Ashirwad S Acharekar

If one had to put his passions in a nutshell, Ashirwad describes himself as a software Engineer by head; a drummer by hands; life skills coach and a trainer by heart with an ability to merge head, hands and heart in Engineering, Drumming and Coaching.

Also a Yoga practitioner, he tries to bring his expertise in designing exciting sessions on music, drumming, voice and ways of using healing through the arts. He has been actively conducting drum circles with different groups. Ashirwad is a tabla artist and has been involved with community programs as an artist. He also conducts sessions in tabla for children and adults. He brings in unique styles of facilitation that look at skills and sublter dimensions of engaging with oneself and the group. The’ inner child’ in us needs to be kept alive and this holds so true for him.

Ratnakar Baggi

Ratnakar is a keen observer of life and its many manifestations. He believes that each one of us is capable of making the truest connections to our inner selves by exploring our inherent abilities to the fullest. Ratnakar loves working closely with people and sharing life’s experiences together.

Since early childhood, Ratnakar has been drawn to arts and culture. He is an avid follower of Indian history, Indian classical and Hindi film music and world cinema. He is currently dabbling in theatre and undergone formal training in theatre forms and techniques like Playback Theatre, Forum Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed. He has been an on-stage performer for short and full length plays and also assisted in production work. He aspires to script and direct a full length film before he breathes his last. After graduating in Computer Science from NITK Surathkal, he worked as a software developer, program manager and release manager for product organizations in embedded systems, telecom and mobile applications.

Given his diverse background, at Snehadhara Ratnakar brings in the colors of life as he experiences them through theater and movement with our children and parents.



Ramakrishna Reddy

Ramakrishna Reddy believes in the power of love.  It is evident in all that he does and all that he has done in his life so far. His own challenges of speech and sound only add to his conviction that everyone can lend a hand and reach out to others irrespective of constraints and also that everyone can be reached out to. And he exemplifies that in many small and big ways, whether it may be walking with the visually impaired or writing the curriculum for the hearing impaired. His body of work is a testament to his commitment to the hearing impaired as well as others in need.


Ramakrishna has over 13 years of experience of working with NGO’s  and private sector organisations. He has worked a s sign language instructor with ISH (INSTITUTE OF SPEECH AND HEARING), conducted workshops in mainstream schools through a program initiated by Dec Herald NIE in Bangalore as well as directed and acted for Theatre for deaf and hearing, performed Romeo and Juliet in sign language using sign language mixed with English called Signlish.

To help people with hearing difficulties he has offered lectures in conferences, seminars and workshops about sign language, life development skills for deaf students and adults, and staff in schools. He has conducted awareness programmes for the hearing impaired, been an interpreter for deaf cases in courts and AIDS and generally volunteered in development and support for hearing impaired and visually challenged.

At Aashwasan foundation he heads the Silent World department and conducts concept based workshops for corporate organisations.

He is the founder of Universal Signers which aims at empowerment of Women , Life development skills, Personality development leadership programs for the Deaf Youth, Awareness about sign language etc.