Support Team

“If we are to achieve a richer culture, we must weave one in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place.”

Margaret Meade


Known for her gentle ways, Uttara’s journey with Snehadhara began 4 years ago after a year at Magic Puddles where she started working with children. Originally from Tamil Nadu, she has been in Bangalore for the last 12 years.

Uttara’s firm gentleness is reflected in her interactions with the children who bond with her and pay heed to her without her ever having to raise her voice, her capacity to work hard is showcased at the centre on a daily basis and her simplicity is implicit in her sheer focus with the task at hand and the dedication she brings into all her relationships whether with work or with people. ‘I forget all the stress of the outside world when I enter Snehadhara and can be with the children’.

Besides the drumming sessions at the centre, Uttara enjoys devotional music and painting. She epitomises the simplicity and integrity which is the essence of a space like Snehadhara.



Devraj hails from Bangalore and has spent the last 15 years ferrying children from different school in buses and vans. His last 4 years have been at Snehadhara where he feels a special bond with the children. ‘ I have worked in all kinds of schools but this place is unique and gives meaning to what I do’.

Besides driving he also participates in sessions at the centre sometimes and particularly enjoys the drumming activities. His compassion for the children is what holds him here and enables him to be a part of their life beyond the to and fro in the van.

An avid traveler, Devraj ensures his holidays take him to places in India and abroad. He likes to spend time with his family when he is not at the centre.



“Talk less and smile more,” seems to be Alamelu’s motto. A long timer at Snehadhara, she looks forward to being at the centre. She loves being a part of all the activities and participates in them with enthusiasm, her most favourite activity being painting.

She enjoys working with the children because she feels in her own small way, she is helping someone.


Gowriamma is the proud mother of 4 children: Keshava – 28, Kumara – 24, Jyoti – 23, Venkatesha – 22. Once her own children grew up, she used to be a nanny to a two-year old child. But after joining Snehadhara, she talks of how from one she now has many children whom she can take care of.

She feels doing something for the special children is like doing something for God. Just like God, they don’t talk, they are in a different world and we give them food, as many of them cannot feed themselves.  She has been with Snehadhara for a few months now and she says every time she sees the children she is inspired to work harder.