We believe that a progressive effort is essential in bringing a fundamental shift in the way we look at experiencing learning.  Towards that end, we have set out on a journey to create co-learning spaces and be enriched by shared experiences with others working on similar areas.

Visitors from Israel:

Diana Bergovoy :

Clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, member of the New Lacanian School, GIEP (Israeli group of the NLS), AMP (Asociación Mundial de Psicoanálisis), teacher at the Israeli clinical section ‘Lacanian Reshet’, founding member and clinical supervisor of TAFSAN – psychoanalytic clinic for the treatment of adolescents. Formerly founder and clinical manager of Misholim, institute for the treatment of autistic children.

Omri Gilan :

Clinical psychologist, member of TAFSAN – psychoanalytic clinic for the treatment of adolescents, psychologist at Beer-Yaacov Mental hospital, formerly psychologist and clinical coordinator at ‘Children at risk – NGO for treatment of autistic children.

This small team from Israel, led by Diana, is a skillful companion in our present journey, with a rich bank of experience to rely on. Their expertise in working with (not just) disabilities in institutional settings makes them especially capable of facilitating in an environment and culture that enables ethical and rigorous practices within a mental health centre. Their deep interest in working with groups – whether with children or staff, also makes them suitable cohorts. Similar to us, they allow each case to define the medium and work.

In working with children who suffer from difficulties in communicating with others, psychoanalysis concerns itself with fundamental principles in the creation of the human subject, i.e. the formation of the body, the entrance into the realm of language, the relation to others.

In the upcoming 4-day workshop planned to take place at Snehadhara Foundation, Diana and Omri propose to explore the key issues essential to the treatment of children. While taking part in the daily routine, they will initiate and lead certain play activities related to the above mentioned themes.

Each day will begin with staff interactions and specific case discussions, based on the concerns and questions of the facilitators at SF. This was also address the effect of activities and occurrences introduced by Diana and Omri, highlighting both psychoanalytic theoretical and practical bases for their interventions.