One of our collaborations this year has been with BOAT. We are back to some interesting process work with Vikramjeet Sinha, the Founder of BOAT (Building on Art therapy). From the 25th Sept- 27th Sept 2017, the team will be introduced to the Medicine Wheel and Mandala. This has been designed and customised for us at the Foundation in continuation to the work we started on early this year.

The Medicine Wheel and Mandala is a welcome to the marriage between chaos and order. This work entails work with artistic tools and circles. The medicine wheel and mandala are both circle structure that are completing and containing the unprocessed emotions that are churned, confronted and looked with care. The circles contain, process, churn the needs, judgement of the care giver through various spotted, antidote and take away metaphors. The vital objective of this process work is to be reflective and to look at ones projections and to see how the light and the shadow sides can be integrated. The guided session will help the team look at relationships with the self and the others as this is the key to determine what the results of a group , community or an organization shapes up to be.

About the Facilitator

Vikramjeet holds a degree in English Literature from the University of Mumbai, M.A in Social Anthropology from Delhi School of Economics. He is an ABT Practitioner from WCCLF. He is trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy from Californian School of Hypnosis, and also holds a five year diploma on water colour therapy Margeret haushcka School of art therapy based on the principals of Rudolph Steiner.

Vikram has 18 years of work experience in the social development sector , working children and social conflict and arts for social change . Vikram specializes in the area of child sexual abuse as he combines both somatic experience and Art based therapy in releasing Trauma from the body of a child in distress. Vikram has trained several members of street workers on Sexual abuse and oriented them on the effects of child sexual abuse. Vikram also individually works with the adult survivors of sexual abuse.