The objectives of the presentation were:

  • To share best practices in Arts Based Therapy – as an adjunctive therapy
  • To explore multi modal Art Interventions – Experiencing the art forms
  • To facilitate the understanding of the theory and practice of various forms of art and how these can be used in working with children and adults in inclusive and clinical settings


Entrust had invited members from other agencies to be a part of a dialogue to understand Arts Based Therapy as an innovation that could help further quality of life outcomes for individuals with disabilities in Alberta. The group at the presentation were largely behaviour specialists, people that work in art studios with special needs adults, service managers who manage staff and also work closely with special needs population, occupational therapists, and mentors who work with special needs.


Entrust Disability Services, Alberta is created on the belief that families can maintain healthy relationships with loved ones despite challenging behaviour. Since 1997, Entrust has provided personalized care to individuals with developmental and physical disabilities through long-term supportive living spaces. Working primarily with children with Autism, Entrust has evolved into an organization of over 200 staff that serves individuals of all ages living with a range of disabilities, including: acquired brain injury, Tourette syndrome, FASD, Prader-Willi syndrome and Down’s syndrome.With the help of Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD), Entrust has achieved the highest level of accreditation that Alberta Council for Disability Services (ACDS) provides through their Creating Excellence Together (CET) process (CET Level II).