On this joyous occasion, we are reminded of George Meredith ‘s quote ‘Don’t just count your years, make your years count’. As we traverse down this path of the last five years, we have so many reasons to smile and count our blessings. The first of these is the presence of all our children, parents, donors, partners, friends and well wishers who have bestowed upon us the greatest gift of presence, acceptance, love and support. We could not have done this without you. Our celebration begins with all of you.

Our children have moved from a few tentative steps around the centre to travelling outdoors, staying with their peers, opening their own Cafe… the list goes on. From the direct care space of children birthed our outreach programs. In the past few years we have ventured in and out of the city to work with teachers, parents, caregivers across the country and lately to other parts of the world sharing our learnings and best practices of working using Arts Based Therapy. We are now set out to build and certify a strong team of ABT practitioners to join us in this effort.

A glimpse of the year so far


We stand here today in all humility and gratitude to all of you, who have stood by us, believed in us and given power to our dream of co-creating a compassionate, empathetic society. Your contribution is invaluable.

One of the wonders of being human is our ability to conjure from our imaginations a better self or a better world and to set off on a path.  Some of our dreams are small and personal, others encompass the whole of humanity. Each gives us a sense of purpose to do things together.

Happy Birthday Snehadhara.