The summer school Meil Milaap initiated us with the concept of home visits. It was a wonderful beginning for the children to deepen interaction within their groups. The warmth and welcome they received in each other’s homes, the opportunity they got to interact with different people, explore diverse spaces and partake of varied rituals that are a part and parcel of every family inspired us to give further impetus to this endeavour.

Our parents have always supported us unreservedly in all our endeavours no matter how challenging they have seemed. We have come to rely on this strength, support and trust that has been reposed on us.

From the second quarter onwards, we will be having overnighters for the groups once a month on Friday evenings. We hope that the home visits will be the harbinger of fresh ideas for the overnighters.

Objectives of the Home Visits:

  • As a part of our Classroom without Walls programme, through home visits, the children will get to interact with each other’s homes, families and friends.
  • Each parent will host the group of his/her child.
  • They also get a chance to receive their friends in their space, understand formal and informal spaces, see diversity in how families function and expand their universe of valuable experiences.
  • Once a week we will see the children embark on this route towards welcoming spaces, sumptuous lunches provided by the host families and a chance to explore each other’s worlds more closely.
  • For the families, it reveals their child’s world in all its hues. It is inclusion felt and experienced in an organic way, a vision that Snehadhara aspires for constantly.
  • We are also hoping that this will lead us towards fresh ideas for the overnighters that would start from the second quarter onwards.
  • You could decide with us earlier if you would like to cook for the group or if the children should carry their lunch with them.