Watching a performance together could be as thrilling as singing in harmony or acting in a multi-cast play. In the first term, we saw a glimpse of the lightness and joy that flowed from The House Concert musical evening at the Untitled Arts. That huddle of attention and happiness around a performer is what we want to create every month.

In the second term, as an inhouse event, Snehadhara Foundation will welcome performing artists – musicians, singers, dancers, magicians, actors, story-tellers, beat-boxers – who will open new worlds for us through their art. The intimate settings of these performances, followed by small workshops will hopefully allow our students to taste the wide and varied possibilities that the arts can enable. Our attempt through ‘Houseful’ is to create experiences that allow us to be touched by another’s creativity, as well as engage in the process of co-creating an artistic space.

‘Houseful’ – is  our attempt to collectively linger in artistic spaces – witness and soak in the magic of creativity as creators and artists in our own lives. Stay tuned to more updates for this is going to run Houseful!