“If you have to choose between being liked and being heard, be heard” – Tara Jaye Frank

Caregiving brings cares that only those who care actively can know from the inside. Tears, sometimes, cannot fall. Screams have to be swallowed whole. Words collect inside – thick, whole and unwieldy. Feelings make their presence felt but defy definition and avenues for expression are stunted.

What if, in this same world, you could find a space to listen and be heard? The Kala Samvaad- Dialogue Circles are an attempt to build a community that dialogues and connects, even if solutions are not in sight.

“Through Dialogue Circles, we engage the power of our stories.”

Dialogue Circles provide a space where we can share our stories as parents and listen with our hearts. A space where we can cultivate mutual understanding as we delve into the personal journeys that have brought us to where we are. As we recall similar struggles or times when we felt similar ways, we can learn as a collective group in an atmosphere of humility and compassion. As a community we can nurture inquiry without necessarily seeking answers.