We return with another ‘Houseful’ performance, our attempt to collectively recreate artistic spaces –immersing ourselves in the magic of creativity as creators and artists in our own lives.

This month we welcome Madhulika Srivatsa in our midst. Madhulika was introduced to classical dance at a young age of 8, learning her basics from Late Guru Padmini Rao and later enrolled as a student of Nrityakalamandiram under the guidance of Guru B Bhanumati and Guru Smt Sheela Chandrashekar. She is learning Natyasastra techniques from dancer and research scholar Dr. Shobha Shashikumar under the banners of Mayuri Nrithyashala & Noopura Bhramari. Currently she is pursuing her PhD from Jain University with the guidance of Dr Shobha Shashikumar. Madhulika is one of the founder dancers of Sukhalaasa, an ensemble dedicated to exploring Bharatanritya. With a keen interest in both research and its application in performance, she wishes to understand the art form in an insightful manner.