We ring in the New Year with yet another ‘Houseful’ performance, exploring creativity through the artistic spaces that we create together.

This month we welcome Bindhu Malini Narayanaswamy in our midst. Bindhu Malini is an Indian singer, composer, musician, music director, actor and graphic designer. Bindhu is one of the few rare artistes who have pursued training in both Carnatic and Hindustani classical forms and yet has constantly strived to explore avenues outside of her strict classical roots to other forms and traditions in search of the pure soul stirring power that music has. This has given form to a more easy yet confident personal style for her as a performer. She is known for her soulful voice and her deeply spiritual renditions of the poetry and songs of the mystic saints and poets belonging to different eras and parts of the subcontinent. Bindhu has been striving to find a very solid ground to express her deep-rooted spiritual quest, constantly searching and looking inwards into her very being to bring forth her music. At the same time, her journey into herself and her music has created diverse paths for her and she has plunged into them to explore the various possibilities each one has to offer. Bindhu has composed and sung for films, theatre productions, jingles and independent albums in Hindi, Kannada, and Tamil.