‘Houseful’ this year has allowed us to grasp the nuances of performances by artists and to revel in the sharing of their craft, thus revisiting the artist in ourselves. In March, we conclude this year’s Houseful event with another expression of creativity.

Our artist of the month is Ramya Nagaraj. A vibrant stage presence and a commitment towards absorbing the essence of Kathak makes Ramya’s performance a joy to watch. Ramya is a graduate in choreography from Natya institute of Kathak and choreography. She is trained extensively in Kathak under the able guidance of the legendary Guru Dr Maya Rao. Thus she is proficient in both the Lucknow and the Jaipur styles of Kathak. Ramya is also trained in Indian Contemporary Dance mentored by Smt Madhu Nataraj (Director – STEM DANCE KAMPNI) and in Bharatanatyam under Guru. Smt. Nirupama Rajendra. She has had the opportunity of being trained in different Martial Art forms of India under eminent gurus too.

Ramya heads the faculty of the Kathak training section at NIKC for both the senior & children’s batches. She is also the coordinator for the Choreography course at NIKC. Being the principal dancer of the performing unit for several years she is presently the assistant director of NSDK.