‘Houseful’ creates artistic experiences that allow us to be touched by another’s creativity, while personally engaging in the process of co-creating with a performer. We’re delighted to welcome Debapriya Das, a belly dancer, to perform at Houseful in July 2019. Keeping rhythm with the body and completely owning every move is what belly dancers are adept in. The form encompasses many folk forms from Egypt and the Middle East.

Debapriya was introduced to dance at age 8. Though her initial training was in Bharatanatyam from Nalanda Dance Research Institute, Mumbai under Guru Uma Rele, Debapriya’s relationship with belly dance took over after 2013. She has trained with the best in the field and expanded her knowledge to Egyptian Oriental dance forms and Middle Eastern culture. Debapriya has studied tribal fusion under Rachel Brice and is currently the only certified practitioner of 8 elements of belly dance in India. Debapriya is also trained in Kathak under Guru Chitra Arvind and performs regularly. She is also trained in basic ballet, Jazz and contemporary dance, and is also an avid practitioner of yoga. Debapriya is the founder of Nrityakosh, a belly dance school and performance house.