‘Houseful’ creates artistic experiences that allow us to be touched by another’s creativity, while personally engaging in the process of co-creating with a performer. This month we are delighted to welcome Arpita Gaidhane, a Baul practitioner, to share her songs with our children. Arpita has been immersed in learning Baul since 2015 from Parvathy Baul, Kanai Das Baul, Deb Das Baul, Lokkhon Das Baul and others. She has traveled back and forth from Bangalore to learn the Baul philosophy, songs, movements, instruments and the Bengali language. She has sung Baul both in India and abroad. Her understanding of the tradition is strengthened by her degrees in Ancient Indian Culture, the Study of Religions, Sanskrit and Pali from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai University and SOAS, London.

Arpita has also worked with writing, painting, facilitation and oratory. The central question of her explorations is to find inclusiveness, acceptance and diversity.