Asha Sarella is a Bharatanatyam dancer. She has embodied her passion for dance from the tender age of four, with the blessings of her gurus – Karnataka Kalashree Sathyanaraya Raju, Guru Jyothi Pattabhiram, Guru Karnataka Kalashree Bhanumathi, and Smt. Leelavathi Upadhyay. Fulfilling her life-long ambition of giving back to Bharatanatyam, Asha started ‘Asha Sarella School of Dance’. Today she continues to train youngsters, igniting in them the same passion for dance that became to her a tool to spread joy and happiness in this world. Asha is also an experienced corporate trainer, choreographer, counsellor, movement therapist, and a Toastmasters champion.

Asha was captivated by the human mind and developed a keen interest in understanding human behaviour. To pursue this interest further, Asha took up certification in counselling. Many years of working in the corporate industry got her to understand the power of collaboration, process, and persistence to achieve a larger goal. She translated all this into a framework to help use dance as a therapeutic tool while she completed a certification course with DMTAI (Dance & Movement Therapy Association of India). She has worked on enriching the lives of differently-abled children and adults through Movement Therapy.

Broadening her horizons, Asha has collaborated with multiple award-winning global performers to produce and choreograph captivating music videos that have garnered over 100000 views online and stand as a testament to collaboration between the east-west cultures.