Watch Gitanjali Sarangan, our Founder and Executive Director at the Masterclass with Fearless Educators: A Digital Webinar Series exclusively designed for the Head of Schools and Teachers across India by Future School Leaders (FSL) on 2nd August,2020. The School Educators present (by invitation only) from every state (urban and rural both) witnessed this Masterclass Webinar Series.

Titled ‘Kalasamvaad-Creative Dialogues to Re-imagine learning’, this talk will focuses on integrating the Arts-music,movement,theatre, and play into teaching methodologies within institutional settings and re-imagining classrooms by infusing existing learning protocols with artistic interventions to understand how children learn.

 FSL inspires innovation in education by taking the responsibility of introducing Indian school leaders with global school leaders. Simply put, FSL invites individuals from India and around the world who are making a holistic difference in schools and sets up seminars where India’s school leaders can attend to learn new methods of teaching in their classroom.