As we celebrate what would’ve been Sneha’s 16th birthday today, we’re heartened by how much her presence permeated our worlds, our ideas and our actions. Snehadhara Foundation embodies the idea of inclusion, making our every move into another step forward in this ongoing movement.


It was Sneha who germinated within us the idea that to be included is such a fundamental right that it ought to be enshrined in our conscience. Her joie de vivre, her cheeriness, her abundance of affection and her every ready hug taught so many of us to embrace people for who they are and not what we make them to be.

So many of our learnings, our research, our action plans and more are rooted in the unabashed cheer that Sneha has stood for.

It’s no surprise then that yellow was her favourite colour, one that represents cheeriness and joy in full measure. In keeping with the spirit of Sneha’s personality and the essence of what we do, today we’re celebrating her birthday in various hues of yellow as the campus has been decorated to keep with the colour palette of the day. The campus turned yellow as all the children, team, well-wishers and the whole Snehadhara family adorned the colour. The menu down to the sweets and the cakes were all in accordance with the desires and wishes that Sneha had expressed to her loved ones.

Sneha’s energy for life and passion towards the world was infectious. Even at 5, she seemed to transform places and people and would go on to inspire and champion inclusion through the creation of Snehadhara. And today on 21st February, on what would’ve been her 16th birthday, we count our blessings for the presence of Sneha; we celebrate her life; and we pray for her legacy to inspire the crusade of inclusion for years to come.