“A fun memory from Snehadhara is the outdoor sessions like going to the park with the children.” says Rahul.

“I came to know of Snehadhara back in 2014. Its been 8 years. My mother and sister were helping me find a job and that’s how I came to know of Snehadhara. At work, initially it was hard. Basically, at first I was an assistant to teachers in the classes. It was hard because I did not understand the kids and I could not understand what they were saying or thinking since most of them were non-verbal. So that was tough. Within the first year, I shifted to the office and got into the admin work. That was better, worked well for me.”

“I learnt a lot through the teachers like how they conduct sessions, activities, arts and crafts and so on. It’s been fun to have formed relationships with my colleagues. I feel like I have grown as a person with their help. A few years ago, I may not have been able to do some of the work that I do now. For example, working with audiovisual data entry is something I had not done before but I learnt the skill here. I feel happy and a relief about my achievements over here including increments and added responsibilities over the years. Of course, there are times when I feel proud and deserving of the recognition and sometimes when I’m not sure. But I am proud of my achievements.”

“In terms of the future, I have some wishes for myself and Snehadhara. Snehadhara has changed in the past 8 years; it’s tried new things, workshops and many new experiences. My wish for Snehadhara is for it to continue to help children and benefit many more people through its work.”

What is Humans of SF? 

This is a series on the humans of SF; an attempt to celebrate each of the people who make Snehadhara whole. Novelist Anne Sewell said “It is good people who make good places.” And amongst the many good people in this world, there are some here at Snehadhara who make up this good place. We are ecstatic to bring to you glimpses of the Snehadhara team. Join us as we delve into the stories of people who stand for SF.