“Snehadhara Foundation creates a society that embraces and celebrates the uniqueness and strength of every child regardless of their differences.” says Srishti, an intern.

“I chose Snehadhara from a list of organisations that our university had sent out as part of the internship opportunities. I had decided that I want to work with children. I got an email with details of the organisation and my immediate reaction was that this was the one I’m going to take forward, if not this, then nothing else. I always knew that I was very inclined towards working with children and I believe I possessed qualities that would help me work with children. Wanting to pursue child psychology in the future, I knew this internship would give me great structure towards moving forward. When I had my internship interview, I was really hoping that I would get it because I had not kept any other options for myself. And I did get it. It’s just been 3 weeks since I’ve been here and I’ve learnt so much. Out of all the internships that I’ve ever done, this gave me the most hands-on experience in the field. I actually never gave it a thought that we could work without specific labels and that was really fascinating for me.”

“Working with children requires lot of patience, understanding and the ability to communicate effectively. Throughout these 3 weeks, I’ve allowed myself to connect with the children. I think I have grown and developed into this better version of myself by accepting individuals as they are and not comparing. I would say that that is my biggest takeaway – accepting children as they are, being respectful of boundaries and patience. I have learnt to adapt to situations, something I thought I already knew but learnt a different side of it being here. Overall, this internship has given me a lot of emotional strength as while I was working here, I realised I have so much to work on within.”

What is Humans of SF? 

This is a series on the humans of SF; an attempt to celebrate each of the people who make Snehadhara whole. Novelist Anne Sewell said “It is good people who make good places.” And amongst the many good people in this world, there are some here at Snehadhara who make up this good place. We are ecstatic to bring to you glimpses of the Snehadhara team. Join us as we delve into the stories of people who stand for SF.