Our Donors

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

-Ronald Reagan

Our Funding Philosophy

The Funding Philosophy of the Snehadhara Foundation is that it should be affordable to all parents of special needs children exploring learning spaces, and fees should never be a criterion for admission. We want to eliminate economic status as a variable in receiving the care that children and adults with special needs deserve.

To this end, our program relies on voluntary contributions to bridge the gap. We are enthused to seek institutional / corporate funding support to ensure that we have a sustainable financial model to not only sustain current scale of operations but have the resources to commit to building scale capacities and expand our reach and influence through direct and indirect interventions.

During the past few years the foundation has balanced its financial resource through mobilizing a baseline level of recurring donations from well-wishers and other interested stakeholders. Keeping in mind the visibility of funds available the foundation has deliberately been conservative in resource deployment so as to rein in deficit as much as possible.

Our vision is that this will also emerge as a replicable model and one could look at various centres alike. Along with the learning outcomes, it is going to be a service delivery model that look at the mental health and wellbeing of the not just the children but that of their families and the caregivers too.

We are buoyed by the results and outcomes that we have achieved and would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Key Donors.