Echoes of Unity: Indo-Afro Rhythms Workshop

Bridging Continents, Creating Connections

Experience the guidance of renowned artists deeply rooted in African traditions- Master Babara Bangoura Fakoly and his ensemble of artists, including Bibiche Sambou Touré Fakoly, Walisori Diabate, and Mohamed Camara.


Master Babara Bangoura Fakoly

Babara Bangoura Fakoly, a luminary in the realm of percussion, was born in Guinea, his heritage a blend of Soussou and Malinké roots, enriching his artistry with a deep cultural resonance. From his early days in Conakry, Babara’s talent shone brightly as he joined the Ensemble des Percussions de Guinée Junior and later became a member of the prestigious Djoliba National Ballet Company. His journey led him to Belgium in 1999, where he has since resided, spreading the vibrant rhythms of Guinea to audiences worldwide.

As a spiritual heir of the esteemed Guinean master Mamady Keïta, Babara carries forward the tradition and art of the djembe, imparting his knowledge and passion to students across continents. Like Mamady, Babara traverses the globe, conducting workshops and concerts that captivate audiences with the mesmerizing beats of West Africa. His collaborations with renowned ensembles, including the legendary Sewa Kan, and his compositions featured on albums spanning musical genres from jazz to electro, attest to his versatility and innovation.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Babara is the visionary founder of the International North-South Cultural Exchange Festival in Conakry. This platform fosters cultural dialogue and collaboration, providing musicians from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to celebrate the rich tapestry of Mandinke music and dance. Babara’s dedication to promoting Mamady’s message — that music transcends boundaries of race and culture — is evident in his tireless efforts to bridge divides and foster understanding through music.

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Babara Bangoura Fakoly’s reach extends far and wide, as he imparts his infectious joy and laughter to students in Europe, China, Latin America, Africa, and the USA. His teaching style, characterized by warmth and humor, not only instills technical proficiency but also cultivates a deep appreciation for the spirit and soul of Guinean music. Through his boundless passion and unwavering dedication, Babara continues to inspire generations of musicians, carrying forward the legacy of Mamady Keïta and shaping the future of West African percussion on a global scale.

Babara Bangoura Fakoly’s expertise in rhythm is renowned, establishing him as a masterful figure in percussion worldwide. Yet, what truly sets him apart is his remarkable talent for making the complex realm of rhythms accessible to students of all levels. This unique teaching style serves as his trademark, distinguishing him not merely as an instructor but as a transformative mentor along the musical path.

Possessing an intricate understanding of Guinean percussion, Babara has crafted an instructional method that simplifies intricate rhythms into manageable components, enabling students to grasp even the most challenging patterns. His patient guidance and unwavering support foster an environment where learners feel empowered to explore and develop at their own pace.




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Bibiche Sambou T Fakoly

Hailing from Abene, a quaint village immersed in the rich musical heritage of the Casamance region in Senegal, Bibiche emerges as a luminary in the realm of West African percussion. Under the nurturing guidance of Master Babara Bangoura Fakoly, his journey transcends mere mastery of the djembe; it embodies a holistic immersion into the intricacies of rhythm, craftsmanship, and spiritual connection.

Residing in Europe, Bibiche’s influence extends beyond the classroom, where his teachings resonate deeply with students, buoyed by his innate talent, affability, and unwavering generosity. His curriculum not only delves into the rhythms of the djembe but also encompasses the artistry of tuning and crafting these iconic drums, a testament to his comprehensive understanding of the craft.

Yet, his expertise transcends the confines of percussion. Grounded in his versatility, Bibiche navigates effortlessly through a myriad of instruments, infusing each note with the soulful resonance of his heritage. Whether he graces the strings of the kora or explores the ethereal realms of melody, his musicality remains a testament to his boundless creativity and dedication.

Moreover, Bibiche’s journey is intertwined with disciplines beyond music. His reverence for yoga mirrors his approach to rhythm, cultivating a profound sense of mindfulness and interconnectedness. Through his music, he shares not just his passion but a profound glimpse into his culture and spirit, bridging continents and hearts with each beat of the drum.

Wali Sory Diabate

Wali Sory Diabate, also known as Sory Diabate, hails from Guinea, where he was born to Sayon Diabate, a renowned West African musician. Growing up in Guinea, Sory immersed himself in the rich traditions of West African rhythm and music. Under the tutelage of esteemed masters such as Mamady Keita, Bolokada Conte, Famoudou Konate, and later Babara Bangoura, he honed his skills in the art of West African music.

Sory’s focus eventually shifted to mastering the balafon, a traditional West African instrument similar to a xylophone. His talent on the balafon quickly garnered recognition, establishing him as a highly skilled artist in his own right.

Seeking new opportunities, Sory relocated to France, where he collaborated with local musicians in concerts and also shared his expertise by teaching the intricacies of the balafon.

Today, Sory Diabate stands as one of the world’s preeminent balafon players, revered for his mastery of the instrument. He frequently accompanies Babara Bangoura, his mentor, in performances worldwide. Additionally, Sory is an integral member of Soubognouma GPS, a dynamic West African ensemble founded by Babara Bangoura, contributing to its vibrant musical journey.


Mohamed Camara

Camara Mohamed is not just a musician; he embodies the vibrant spirit of West African rhythm and dance. Working at Matam jeunesse, he hails from the bustling city of Conakry, Guinea, where he infuses his surroundings with the pulsating beats of the djembe and the mesmerizing movements of traditional African dance.

Under the tutelage of Master Babara Bangoura Fakoly, Mohamed’s journey as a musician transcends mere skill; it blossoms into a harmonious blend of rhythm and movement. While he excels as a djembefola, his talent extends to the realm of dance, where he strives to make the rich heritage of African dances accessible to all through his teaching.

Mohamed’s proficiency on the djembe is a testament to his dedication and perseverance. Taking steps under the careful guidance of his master, he continues to refine his craft, performing for shows and sharing his infectious passion for rhythm with audiences far and wide.Mohamed’s artistry is not confined to the stage; it permeates every aspect of his being. His intimate presence and spiritually connected way of life reflect a profound reverence for his craft and cultural heritage. Music runs deep in his family, as his father is an absolutely skilled balafon player, thus continuing a lineage of musical excellence that finds its pinnacle in teachers like Babara.

Despite his young age, Mohamed is characterized by his unwavering work ethic, amicable sense of humor, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

In a milestone moment, Mohamed will be embarking on his first tour to India, further expanding his musical horizons and sharing the vibrant rhythms of West Africa with audiences across the globe. As he continues to dance to the beat of his own drum, Mohamed emerges as a shining beacon of talent, dedication, and cultural exchange in the world of music and dance.