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India’s first ever online learning program for special needs children in the comfort of your homes.

“In particular, be sure to stock up on essential commodities such as equanimity, empathy and a good sense of humour! This is a time for courage and common sense”. Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo.

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On March 11, in line with the advisory issued by the government, Snehadhara, like the other schools in Bangalore, had to cut short its academic session. With the announcement of the lockdown, the parents were still coming to terms with the long haul that this was going to be. But Snehadhara, wasted no time and before the end of the month, had set up Virtual Learning platform for the children. Being extremely intuitive and prompt in their execution, with a few pilot sessions with the kids, they were ready to take it full throttle. The summer school which is much looked forward to by all, was run completely online, culminating in a big virtual party, bringing the children and their families together. Post the summer school, the regular 1:1 and group sessions have resumed and it feels like a normal school day – at home!

This form of engagement has been extended to the parents as well through virtual meetings and study circles and we feel much more connected as a family and partners in progress of our community.

As parents, we feel that the learning and the connections have not been impacted due to the lock-down, because of the continuity of engagement made possible by this endeavour. In fact, it is a new form of skill building, where the children have learnt to interact, follow instructions, and apply their learning to virtual space.
Snehadhara stands for a continuum which has expanded even to the digital space, offering virtual learning opportunities to the children and families alike.

Vani Tiwari - Parent

Thanks to Snehadhara. 

Snehadhara has made an impossible possible. By looking at the way the team is working with my son, your team has opened my eyes ? that if there is a will and passion definitely it can be made possible. I could see Aravind looking for the sessions to enjoy and we could see he has developed the patience to sit in front of the monitor and do the actions with the facilitators is amazing. Last but not the least you and the team have proved that you live by your values and vision of ‘continuum of compassion and care’.

I am grateful to you and the team for the support and change that you bring in Naren Aravind.

Swami and Lalitha - Parents

Sitting through the e-learning sessions with Mayan, I have the following observation to make. The learning space created via a virtual medium takes its time in the beginning to fall into a rhythm. Once that is achieved, one observes that the song starts to flow effortlessly. The ice is broken but not the screen. What we see then is the earnest effort from the facilitator to transcend the screen and the participant trying to tuck away his adulation in a shy smile. The composer and the observer merge into one at some point where only the music remains.

Manikandan - Parent