‘One Day, One Story’ organized by PNLIT, Snehadhara Foundation and Pratham Books

A good story surprises us. It has the power to make us think, feel, wonder and ponder. It sticks in our minds and helps us relate to and remember in a way that nothing else can. Storytelling too, is as powerful as the story, if not more so. It can teleport people in myriad different ways across towns and cities, history and time, worlds and galaxies all through the magic of the moment! We at Snehadhara Foundation are proud and grateful to say that we get to experience this every single day with our children, and would love nothing more than to spread the happiness this brings us as far and wide as we can.

To that end, we have been partnering with Pratham Books and PNLIT since 2013 and participating at the ‘One Day, One Story’ event hosted annually on International Literacy Day. An event filled with giggles and laughter and a mystical journey through imagination always brings pure joy to all present! This year, we have 2 adorable stories to narrate for you – ‘Hello Sun’ and ‘Hakeem’s Hiccups’. We’re hoping to see you all and your family, friends, neighbours, and anyone you’d like to invite, at our session. We also have an added treat this year! Having had this programme online for the past 3 years due to the pandemic, we are absolutely thrilled to be back at Puttenahalli Lake, amidst chirping birds, calm water and its serene beauty, for this year’s event! Already excited? Great! That’s what we want to hear! Register now!


Sep 09 2023


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Puttenahalli Lake, JP Nagar 7th Phase
JP Nagar 2nd Phase
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