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The Journey Across the Outdoors: Curious Adventure Awaits!

‘The children always surprise us.’

In the past three years of working with Snehadhara, there have been numerous instances where I have felt the power of these few simple words. Be it field trips, overnighters, visits of people to our campus, or the conceptualization of the semi-residential programme, the children we have worked with have always adapted to change, negotiated with themselves and the world and risen up to the challenges we have given them. Few spaces provide children with such opportunities, and Snehadhara Foundation has always taken pride in bridging that gap.

Humans of SF

Humans of SF | Vinayaga

“If you are doing something right, do more of it! And Snehadhara is doing just that.” says Vinayaga “I have known Gitanjali for a long time and when she started to talk about Snehadhara over a decade ago, my first thought was that I wanted to contribute in some...

Humans of SF

Humans of SF | Sindhu

"I'm here. I'm enjoying every moment. This is a really special place. While looking on can give a glimpse, one has to experience it to know how special it is." says Sindhu. "I actually found SF when I was looking for something else. It just happened that as soon as...

Humans of SF

Humans of SF | Rajeev

"Diversity is an important element of life around us, which more often than not gets lost in trying to conform to societal mores. Diverse thinking is very important to organisations and society at large. Creating an inclusive society is important to foster...

Humans of SF

Humans of SF | Harish

"The motto I live by is that you cannot break down at the first instance of failure. There's no meaning if you stop at first try. Somebody can smile because of you. So keep trying and try to live like that." says Harish. "I've known Gitanjali for nearly 20+ years,...

Humans of SF

Humans of SF | Shaji

"People talk - I want to act. Whatever I can do for you, I will." says Shaji. "I started working for Snehadhara in 2018. One of my friends introduced me to this place. I had worked with others but this organisation is totally different. In the first few days, I...

Humans of SF

Humans of SF | Abhilasha

"I want to see children be treated with kindness even when they go away from the norm. I see that here and that has given me a sense of hope." says Abhilasha, an intern. "A mentor recommended some organisations for an internship while I was taking a break from...

Humans of SF

Humans of SF | Lakshmi

"I have seen Snehadhara move from an idea to an ideology. Today, Snehadhara is so much more than a direct care facility for children with special needs. Today, there is a Snehadhara way of doing things." says Lakshmi. "I have been around since the time that...

Humans of SF

Humans of SF | Srishti

"Snehadhara Foundation creates a society that embraces and celebrates the uniqueness and strength of every child regardless of their differences." says Srishti, an intern. "I chose Snehadhara from a list of organisations that our university had sent out as part of...

Humans of SF

Humans of SF | Suhail

"If you want to learn about inclusion, you need to experience it. To understand it realistically, come here, live with them and know - I was recently saying this to my professors." says Suhail. "I found out about SF through university. University was telling us to...