Our blog is the pulse of our responses to the experiences that the Snehadhara family shares together. From joy and laughter, tears and distress, adventures and magical moments, celebrations and reflection, introspection and humour – you will find much of our lives recorded here!


Service Before Self: The Snehadhara Way

When we think of the Army, we think of a situation with the narrowest margin of error. When we think of the Army, we think of regimentation and a strict chain of command. When we think of the Arts, we think of the widest margin of error for interpretation and subjectivity override precision and methods.

Read on to know where each of them fits into the world of the other!


A Trip Towards Community-Building

It takes a village to raise a child, undoubtedly, but we at Snehadhara Foundation know that it really is the rallying together of parents that ensures that a community is sustaining and thriving. For the community living setup is the basis of our Direct Care program, enabling the children to meet their own learning and therapeutic goals, through a lifestyle of independence and personal responsibility.