Snehadhara Foundation (SF) is a registered non-profit organization based in Bangalore. With a vision to foster a culture of respect and belonging Snehadhara aims to create inclusionary spaces that welcome, acknowledge, affirm, and celebrate the value of all learners. It is the only organisation in the country that works using Arts Based Therapy as a primary methodology in working with children and adults with disabilities

We have crafted three initiatives in pursuit of this goal: Direct Care, impART and Prajnadhara.

The ambit of Snehadhara’s mission encompasses working with children across disabilities and across age groups using the Arts (Direct Care); co-creation of empathetic learning spaces in schools, colleges, corporates and the community (impART); as well as certification for Arts Based Therapy to construct a facilitation model for learning and inclusion (Prajnadhara).


The Direct Care space of Snehadhara welcomes special populations with the intent of education for life. We see every child as a unique composite of potentials, abilities, and learning needs for whom a program must be designed to meet his or her particular needs. The interventions whether academic, life skills, livelihood related or vocational seek to provide the same prospects as other children for a meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling life.

Our Direct Care Centre works with children and adults with developmental disabilities that include Down syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Speech Delay/Impairment, Learning disorders and mental illnesses along with their caregivers and families.

Using Arts Based Therapy we create opportunities for learning for children with special needs to enable additional possibilities to achieve independence and empowerment.


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The Secret Garden


Kalasamvad 2018- 2019 flags off Secret Garden – our first parent Interaction for the year 2018- 2019

31st May 2018


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TED X 2014 ‘heART of the MATTER’- A Therapy of Love and Compassion.


Snehadhara Foundation is the winner of the Millenium Alliance grant for the project Kala Samavesh.

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May 11, 2018, 4:40 pm
Movement to art: These alternative therapies make coping with mental health easier

Bengaluru offers a wide range of alternatives through organisations like Studio for Movement, Arts and Therapies (Smart Move), Snehadhara Foundation and Creative Therapy Movement Association of India (CMTAI). While Smart Move and Snehadhara Foundation offer various art-based therapies, CMTAI offers creative movement therapy.

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People today are becoming more aware and sensitised towards mental health-related issues. However, there is still very little awareness about alternative therapy methods that can aid conventional procedures that are used for the treatment of mental health conditions. In December last year, President...

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