Snehadhara Foundation is a registered non-profit organization based in Bangalore that works with children and adults who are differently-abled, their caregivers and families. It is the first centre in the country that uses Arts Based Therapy as the only methodology to work with children and adults with special needs.

Snehadhara aspires to be a model for special populations that addresses life goals and academic interventions, and where possible learning experiences to meet vocational goals, livelihood and long term care giving.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a self-sustainable community model for independent survival of children and adults with disabilities. Our mission is to connect to children and adults with cross disabilities using Arts Based Therapy.

Our Goals

• Using multi- art forms as a medium for developing and empowering children and adults with disabilities to lead  a more independent life.

• Using art in education to create receptive environments and higher levels of social inclusion for children and adults with disabilities.

• Awareness building in schools with a specific outcome of including Snehadhara children.

• Capacity building / monitoring of teachers in focused intervention centres dealing with multiple disabilities  using the ABT methodology.

• Working with children in Government schools and capacity building for teachers to achieve inclusive spaces of    learning.

• Advocacy at State Level/ Board level/ with disabilities commission to ensure rights are realized.


Arts Based Therapy for children with Special Needs.

Oota Thota

Culinary skill development program


Outreach program that takes ABT to other schools


Research Wing to examine current practices in ABT

Snehadhara Foundation