Our blog is the pulse of our responses to the experiences that the Snehadhara family shares together. From joy and laughter, tears and distress, adventures and magical moments, celebrations and reflection, introspection and humour – you will find much of our lives recorded here!


Teachings by Pema Karen Schaefer

Prajñādhara is a division of Snehadhara Foundation that looks at learning and practice for all. Prajñādhara offers: A certificate course in Arts Based Therapy (ABT) “Study of the Mind”, which takes eastern philosophical mind traditions and makes these unique...


A Cave Within

‘A Cave Within’, Snehadhara’s two-day workshop that offered a space of insights to look within as one explores a relationship with the world around. “The way out is the way within............. Be filled with wonder Be touched by peace” The Cave Within was an...


A year long engagement with AMC

Association for the Mentally Challenged (AMC) was founded in 1960 by Dr. D. L.N. Murthy Rao. Today, AMC is an NGO that supports over 200 children, adolescents and adults with an aim is to educate, train and rehabilitate mentally challenged individuals and their...